Michigan Opera Theatre

Announces Auditions for the following positions:


Principal Trombone

FEBRUARY 11, 2015



FEBRUARY 12, 2015


Second Bassoon

April 17, 2015

Employment to begin Fall 2015

The M.O.T. orchestra averages 45 services per season
Additional services possible
$145.56/rehearsal, $157.68/dress, $193.47/performance
Principal 20%, Doubling12.5%, AFM pension fund 10.9%
Concertmaster salary negotiable

Please send a one-page resume to orchestra.auditons@motopera.org

Resume deadlines
Principal Trombone: January 11, 2015
Concertmaster: January 11, 2015
Second Bassoon: March 16, 2015

Michigan Opera Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer