Michigan Opera Theatre opera education programs aim to train future performers and current performers in creativity, movement, voice and more!

Opera Teens


Opera Teens is a national movement that empowers teenagers to pursue their interests in opera, share opera with others, and leverage the power of the art form to serve local communities. Opera Teens will:

  • Attend Michigan Opera Theatre Performances
  • Explore careers in Opera
  • Connect with teens and professionals nationwide


Opera Teens must commit to monthly events. The first date is October 14th!


For information regarding scholarships contact Andrea Scobie at 313.237.3429 or ascobie@motopera.org

Enrollment subject to availability.
For more information call the LATOH hotline at 313.237.3419. 


Teacher Resources 

Create and Perform at your school!

This program is also offered as an in-school residency. As a residency, MOT artists and administrators work with school teachers and administration to design a cross-curricular, multi-disciplinary learning experience while simultaneously guiding students through the creation of their own curriculum-themed, original opera. For information regarding in-school residencies contact Andrea Scobie ascobie@motopera.org.

Opera Study Guides

About the Department of Education and Community Programs

Founded by Karen V. DiChiera, the Department of Education and Community Programs has served the entire state with quality entertainment and education for over 30 years. The Department of Education and Community Programs has brought its varied musical programs to every age group in Michigan, allowing artists to visit clubs, offices, schools, and community stages, and performing shows that range from lively children’s operas to musical revues to full-length operas produced by the local community.