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Fri March 21, 2014 730p

Sat March 22, 2014 730p


Following Saturday's performance:

A Dance Afterglow 



Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, comprised of classically trained artists from around the world, presents works by George Balanchine (artistic advisor 1970-1978), Mikhail Barishnikov, Rudolf Nureyev, Ohad Naharin and many others. The company will perform a mixed-repertory program, which includes Glory, choreographed by contemporary master, Andonis Foniadakis, to the monumental music of George Frideric Handel. Enigmatic, daring and imaginative, Glory showcases the renowned dancers of one of the most exciting dance companies in the world.


Dance Reviews



March 2014







Brandon McCullough - Farmington Hills

I absolutely loved it, never was a dull moment in the acts! I HOPE THE DOH BRINGS THIS COMPANY BACK!!!!!



Stela Zaharieva - Royal Oak

Absolutely breathtaking. It was one of the most exciting performances I have ever seen. So sad half of the theater was empty...



Lindsay - Whitmore Lake

Loved Geneva Ballet!  My favorite that I've seen at the Detroit Opera House.  Hope they are able to come again.  Beautiful performance.



steve - Detroit

There were moments of surprise.  I can't remember ever appreciating choreography in which one particular dancer's feet never actually touching the ground.  I imagine she was on a cloud.  It was marvelous!  And then the use of a prop in yet another scene.  A fluid black dress!  Breathtaking.  Well done!



JustDance - Detroit

This ballet was not of my taste.  It was two long sleeper exhibition.  One slow and one at a moderate tempo.  I would like suggest it for the 2014-2015 season.



Nada Crystal - Detroit

My daughter and I throughly enjoyed the show. This was her first ballet, and she wants to attend another. We will surely return. The dancers were absolutely stunning!



Anna - Detroit

I loved all of it. The choreography, the costumes, the music, the lights ... just everything!



Maud Lyon - Grosse Pointe Park

What an amazing troupe!  The dancing was like moving sculpture, with all the dancer's bodies making up art together.  Fascinating to watch and so unusual!  I loved their performance.



Barb - Southfield

Frankly, I was disappointed in the Geneva Ballet.  I felt that the choreography was trying too hard to be "different" and not hard enough to be compelling.  I did not really get a sense of growing and inexorable momentum.  With all of the movements, some of which were very intriguing, I still expect an aesthetic experience that holds your attention with increasing power from beginning to end.  This I did not find and was thus ultimately disappointed.



JS - Bloomfield Hills

We thoroughly loved the Geneva Ballet! We are a ballet family and enjoy seeing companies from all over the world and it was a treat seeing them in our home town! We all loved their creativity, technique and beautiful energy! Bravo!



L.S. Zatkin - White Lake

Extraordinary performance. Highly recommended.



lori osuka - Detroit

I loved this ballet, it was very modern and enjoyable.



Tab - Royal Oak

Absolutely loved this performance, I hope the DOH invites this company back next season. 

Stunning talent, choreography, set dressings, costumes... everything was incredible. 

Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something outside the classical repertoire.



Kristie Eagles - Canton

The best ballet I've seen in a long time! It was a work of art inside the art of the modern ballet. The costumes and color pallet were so memorable. I loved the strength and extension of the beautiful dancers- they didn't disappoint. I was "Wowed".



Kevin - Detroit

A wonderful performance. The perfumers displayed grace and beauty. I would recommend it to anyone interested in dance.



A. Olson - Northville

It had potential, would had love it is there was a story behind it not just repetitive motions & movements.
I do give credit to the dancer yet it demands it more essence in order for me to enjoy it. I have been to many ballets and musical, to the naked eye this may had been a great experience my uncle was a conductor to Peperdine University being expose had been quite an education. I'll still come for other shows.



Patricia DeMaire - Sterling Heights

I thought they were terrific. Especially the 2nd half. The costuming and lighting were amazing and whole show was mesmerizing. What a nice change from classical ballet. The dancers were wonderful.



Gary Counterman - Temperance, Mich.

I unfortunately couldn't attend, but my sister and brother-in-law went in my place and they had a wonderful time! Especially moving for them was the second half of the program; my sister said the ballet with the dancer who was always supported in air was breath taking and moved her to tears...

I'd say that performers have done their jobs well when they connect with their audience in this way. I'll look forward to the next time I can visit your beautiful theater, too.



Kat Doc - Tecumseh

Loved it! I did think the first part was a little slow but the second part was just magic! The moves, the props, every thing was just fantastic. Please bring back !!



Sylvia C. - Rochester Hills

We loved the Geneva Ballet and fervently hope they return next season.  Beautiful dancers, unique moves, many interesting costume changes throughout the long piece, ethereal lighting, but most of all superb contemporary dancing throughout.  The audience, including us, went wild.



Thom Hall - Royal Oak

Great show, great ballet troupe, amazing choreography and music. I was disappointed that the music wasn't performed live but was impressed with the recordings.



Debra R Brown - Harper Woods

I really enjoyed the performance. It was a little different but enjoyable. (music) But in some ways glorious-heavenly.



Matt - Ypsilanti

What a thrilling performance! I am so glad I brought my family.



M. Geiger - West Bloomfield

Thought the dancers were beautifully trained, however the two ballets looked too much alike, from choreography to staging.



Patricia - Belleville

Loved it. New and refreshing. I love the spiritual tryst of the dance. The second half wasn't as great but interesting.



Eileen and Jack Harned - Bloomfield Hills

The "Lux" and "Glory" performance of the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, was absolutely brilliant!  We are still thinking of that performance.  We are thankful that the Detroit Opera House presented such a talented ballet company.



Fred Williams - Grosse Pointe Park

I thought the performances were great, parts of which appeared very demanding. I particularly like dance set to polyphonic music.



William Kupsky - Grosse Pointe Park

I loved the program, the Faure Requiem for Lux and the Handel for Glory. The dancers were virtuosic and amazingly energetic, ranging from slow and lyrical to rapid-fire, angular, and complex. It was excellent modern ballet. I would love to see them again in these and other works. Bravo MOT for continuing to provide the best in dance!



Marty - Detroit

My husband and I loved Geneva Ballet. Dancing/choreography, costumes, music, stage/lighting design all fantastic. We were drawn into the ethereal world created in Lux and elevated by the energy released in Glory. The juxtaposition of these two performances artistically expressed our human condition, that is, life contains dark and light moments, sometimes simultaneously. I felt an energy after the Geneva Ballet for several days that was positive and inspirational. Bravo to the Geneva Ballet and to the Detroit Opera House.



Susan Boynton - Grosse Pointe Woods

Fresh and exciting choreography executed by a talented group. I hope they come back again for a longer stay.



Brian Matico - Troy

I was very impressed with the show-the precision, the elegance, the movements were all spot on and meaningful. I was drawn in from the start. I was immersed in the story with each step,  each sound-I didn't want it end.



Steve - Windsor

Beautiful transporting dance. Some parts where exquisite. The use of the dress at one point lead one to another realm of containers, shapes, line and metaphors. Some of the the music choices & interpretations did not make sense to me. Like the Allelujah Chorus. The repertoire of moves at some points seemed limited and repetitious.