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Special Valentine’s Weekend Presentation!
Illustrious ballerina Alessandra Ferri is joined by some of ballet’s leading stars to explore the timeless poetry and romantic intensity of dance in a mixed program celebrating the art of the pas de deux. Not all works of art stand the test of time. This program highlights those works that have survived the evolution of the audience’s taste and represent an eternal present.

Part One
Don Quixote (Herman – Erica)
Concerto 622 (Marcel – Tobi)
Dying Swan (Misa)
Witness (Allesandra – Herman)

Part Two
La Sylphide (Erica – Jeff)
Two (Dana)
After the Rain (Allesandra – Marcelo)
Pacopepepluto (Todi plus two dancers)
Black Swan PDD (Misa – Jeff)
Le Parc (Allesandra – Herman)