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Sat Nov 16, 2013 730p

Wed Nov 20, 2013 730p

Fri Nov 22, 2013 730p

Sat Nov 23, 2013 730p

Sun Nov 24, 2013 230p

Patron Reviews



November 2013





Meria Larson

Outstanding. I took two guests and we had a memorable evening. Singing, sets, chorus, and overall production were pure pleasure.


H - Royal Oak

Great performance!!!

Basia Lemecha - Dearborn Heights

It was the BEST! Absolutely fabulous. The staging, the orchestra, the music and best of all the performers. The most unforgettable production, standing ovation was most deserving. What a amazing way to spend the evening.

Dr. David Bloom - Orchard Lake

Beautiful voices.  Beautiful sets.  Incredible performance.


RMS - Royal Oak

This opera was excellent with a few standouts. STEPHAN POWELL, who played Alberto's father was OUTSTANDING and, we thought, stole most of the scenes he was in.  Enjoy. 
Alberto was good, but his voice doesn't command the stage and was not very strong. Violetta was very good. Enjoyed her voice.

Overall, loved the show. Well worth going.


Derek & Karen - Birmingham

What a great production and an awesome cast ... the friends we have encouraged to attend will have the night of their lives as it will be their first opera and once they have seen it not their last!


Kalso's - Warren

This was our first ever experience with opera and we were completely mesmerized with the singing, orchestration, sets and costumes. And there is no more gorgeous venue than the Detroit Opera House. We were also impressed with the vibrancy of the adjacent neighborhood. La Traviata was our "gateway drug" to opera and I am very happy to say that we have purchased a subscription and will be seeing several more productions. You have found new fans!


Nell Duke - Ann Arbor

Violetta, Alberto, Germont all fantastic! Supporting cast—for example Dr. Grenvil—excellent! Sets worked so well. By far the best I have ever heard the orchestra sound! Not to be missed!


Wendy C.

Fantastic production!!! The entire cast on opening night was exquisite!!! Nicole Cabell, an astounding talent!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Leonardo Caimi was like a young Placido Domingo, I thought! Wonderful!! Stephen Powell's rich baritone and commanding stage presence was thrilling!!! I loved the whole thing, including the stunning scenery and gorgeous costumes!!! Well worth seeing!!! The MOT and DOH have a total winner!  May be the best I've seen yet of La Traviata!!!


Bryan - Ferndale

Thoroughly enjoyable production. The singing and music serenaded me for the entire show. The lavishly appointed sets and elegant costumes completed this wonderful story.


Dave Andrzejak - Rochester

Great opening night! Very well done. Everything & more than expected. All the performers of this opera were great! Job well done!



Cynthia - Royal Oak

A performance that out shines all others. La Traviata is by far the best of the season, it is the best of the last few seasons.  Thank you MOT for bringing this superb performance to our Detroit stage.


Susan and Siegfried - Troy

We had a great evening. Opera House staff is very friendly contrary to their colleagues in Chicago.
The set was outstanding. The performance was excellent and the orchestra was great. Our favorite was the voice of Germont.


Margaret - Bloomfield Hills

This opera was the best we have seen in years. Staging terrific, voices outstanding, orchestra melodic. Bravo!


Arlene Maul - Saginaw

MOT did a wonderful job. Performances were outstanding and the sets were beautiful. This was one of the best. I found a new favorite. Bravo.


Jon Rimanelli - Grosse Pointe

An amazing performance, and I highly recommend it!


Elaine - Lathrup Village

Excellent performance and very enjoyable. Dramatic acting along with great voices and
gorgeous costumes and scenery made this entertainment a night to remember!


Jeff DeBruyn - Detroit

Stunning! I was mesmerized from the start. I've been to many operas, as well as plays in the theatre, but the set, costumes and performances for the Detroit Opera House's "La Traviata" knocked my socks off. Opera-goers will know they are in for a grand experience within minutes as the first scene's simplicity and beauty transitions into the second scenes grandiosity. See it if you can.


Alvin & Gwen B. - Southfield

We thought we would never hear another great baritone sing Germont as well as Sherill Milnes but last night's performance by S. Powell changed our minds. All of the performers were great!!!! and sung with "heart & soul"!!!


Carolyn - Dearborn

Sets were spectacular, detailed, magical, and evocative of the era.  Combined with special lighting effects, sumptuous costumes and good directing the tableaux created were reminiscent of painted masterpieces.

Lyrical and heart-felt performances from lead singers and a well-directed orchestra.

I personally find the trend that demands opera singers perform lying down, or in other supposedly 'naturalistic' positions, something of an unnecessary fetish, but this cast pulled it off with aplomb!


Mary Lou Hunt - Bellevue

This production was outstanding in every way - voices, acting, staging, lighting, choreography, orchestra - everything - were wonderfully realized. Well done! A fantastic evening!


Miki - Brighton

This performance was absolutely fantastic. The soprano's outstanding performance gave me goosebumps and especially the second act brought tears to my eyes. Best opera experience of my life.


Bob and Deena Lisak - Bloomfield Hills

Wonderful production and cast. The best La Traviata we've seen in person.


Laura - Dexter

Did I die and go to opera heaven?  I think so........


Michael Goler - Cleveland

I have been coming to MOT productions for the last 12 years and this one was most certainly worth the drive.  The singers were, for the most part, superb. Nicole Cabell was a vibrant, passionate and emotional Violetta and she hit all her notes.  Stephen Powell was a powerful Germont, and Leonardo Caimi was a sturdy Alfredo, tho he seemed to strain a bit in part of his upper register. But the orchestra played wonderfully (as always), and the chorus stayed with them all the way.

Well done!!


Erik - West Bloomfield

The Detroit Opera House did an incredible job with this production. The cast, especially the part of Alfredo and Violetta, could not have been better. This was a memorable evening which celebrated Detroit's come back.


Dr. Mario Jodorkovsky - Israel

Enjoyed very much. Great staging and acting. Singing was surprisingly good. The young Nicole Cabell was especially impressive. Thanks.


Cathleen Melody - St. Clair shores

The performance was excellent! The main characters were so captivating! The scenery/staging looked so real & was very inviting. Thank you for a such an entertaining evening - one in which we were able to escape this fast paced world of ours & enter into a land of "theatre" accompanied by such beautiful music! BRAVO Detroit Opera House!


Al & Harriet Saperstein - Detroit

A truly wonderful performance: singing, orchestra, staging, acting, were memorable.
Verdi's "tunes" are, of course, remarkably melodious and this performance gave Verdi everything he deserved.

The stage settings were spectacular.


Lindsey Jeffers - Chesterfield

Truly enchanting!  This was the perfect opera for my first experience!


Dr. Shirley Faust - Troy

Bravo!!!  Excellent!!!  A true pleasure!!!  This opera production was one of your best!  The soprano, tenor, and baritone were outstanding.  The scenery and costumes were superb.  The evening was sheer pleasure, and it was over much too soon.  Thank you, MOT, you've not only done it again, you have exceeded expectations.


Michelle - Berkley

I have seen La Traviata a couple of times before but, by far, this was the most superb performance I have seen. The performers fit their roles perfectly. Their voices and the orchestra sent chills up my spine. The sets were magnificent, blending in as almost extension of the Opera House, truly a Detroit gem.


Joe B - Wixom

Wonderful! The orchestra was superb and the singing was outstanding. NICOLE CABELL’s voice was spellbinding, LEONARDO CAIMI was excellent and STEPHEN POWELL simply commanded attention. I highly recommend it.


Dave - Troy

With all the fanfare at the beginning, including the national anthem and Dr. DiChiera being honored, I wonder why this didn't open the season?  It drew what looked like double the audience of The Flying Dutchman, which was embarrassing.  I really liked Stephen Powell as Giorgio Germont.  He stole the show for me, perfect delivery with dignity and poignancy.  

Normally, the omnipresent coughing in the audience is annoying, but it seemed strangely a propos for this opera.  Nicole Cabell warmed up nicely as the evening went on after Sempre Libere sounded very uninspiring.  Her duet with Germont fleshed out all the details of her character.

Overall, very well done.  Perhaps MOT can get a bit deeper into the Verdi repertoire in the future.  Something other than Rigoletto, Traviata, or Aida.  Would MacBeth or Otello be out of the question?


Carl J - Troy

The rehearsal group was impressive. My first real Opera. I played in a band but that Orchestra was astonishingly, fantastic! I don't know who they are but WOW! I was and am so pleased to be able to hear the most beautiful music presentation ever. Most beautiful, yes! Yes Yes! The Opera Singers were fine too. No microphones and blasting sound - just the pleasant reality for a beautiful thing (presentation)! Attending Too Hot To Handle Rehearsal was a bad experience in the balcony the noise cancelled all definition of words and music I could only understand part of words. That is twice and not again!


operadiva - Beverly Hills

Fabulous in every way. Bravo, Dr Dichiera and MOT. Well done production!


Corinne O - Bingham Farms

Bravo to everyone involved with this production.  I loved both of the leads plus the Father.  The orchestra and chorus also were sensational.  It is a sensational production all around.


Ewen - Detroit

Amazing cast and the performance was stunning. Even more amazing were the sets! Wonderfully executed. The only downside is that sometimes the supertitles didn't always show or weren't available for certain parts of the show, so if you're going to rely on it for the translation, you're going to be missing a little bit of it. But otherwise, an amazing performance. Even the chorus was wonderful!


James E Puklin - Detroit

Outstanding production. The setting is from the Lyric Opera in Chicago. The quality of the acting and singing were both up to the high-standard quality of the Lyric. All singing and acting were terrific. Completely. Go and enjoy it. Very emotional and professionally acted and sung at the top.


Dan - Rochester Hills

Mix high-society France; love- gained, love-lost, love-gained again and love-lost again; with a band of gypsies and a few matadors for comic relief and you get the makings of some Grand Opera. Mix in Verdi’s exquisite score and some clear, clean sparkling singing and you are in for a superb evening.  Ms. Nicole Cabell who sings Violetta looks the part, acts the part and sings the part with a beautiful soprano.  Mssrs. Leonardo Caimi and Stephen Powell add superb depth and drama to this amazing opera.  Stunning arias, duets, even quintets and wonderful choral pieces make this work a true masterpiece. Run, don’t walk to get your tickets for this spectacular opera.


Katherine - Ann Arbor

Beautiful.  I believe I've seen La Traviata four times now and this was the most compelling production.  Voices were very good, with Nicole Cabell and Stephen Powell stand-outs.  Sad side note--we stopped across the street at the brew pub before for dinner and my teen-age daughter experienced her first bout with food poisoning.  She really couldn't travel right away, so we stayed and she laid down in the ladies room listening to the opera.  She was almost herself again as soon as the hamburger was all out of her, and everyone at the opera house was very kind, but it was unpleasant and she missed all but the beginning of this wonderful opera.


Paul - Ottawa Hills, Ohio

We saw Wed night's production.  Agree with many posts, Alfredo's father stole the show.  The lead tenor (Caimi) seemed unsure of himself, performing better in the later acts.  Soprano (Cabell) was bright and lively, although stayed away from the high notes finish in her Act 1 aria.  The sets were amazing, gorgeous lighting and color.  The audience was appreciative as was myself.


Kristan Hale - Northville

What an ideal performance for introducing my ten year old daughter to the opera!  I am honestly thrilled by her reaction... she cannot wait to return to the Detroit Opera House!  The voices, costumes, set, lighting, orchestra (and of course the venue itself) allowed her to encounter true beauty.  The Michigan Opera Theatre is a tremendous blessing in the City of Detroit and this production of La Traviata is exquisite.  Bravo!


Mary Lou Cochran - West Bloomfield

What a beautiful production!  When the curtain rose, applause broke out, just seeing the lush, Parisian set!  And the quality of musical talent was second to none! The entire cast was up to the strenuous task of this beautiful score and libretto!  Bravo MOT!!


Terry - Warren

Wednesday night's production of La Traviata was one of the best overall of the operas we have seen and heard over these many years at the MOT. The three principals were outstanding and the sets were Rembrantian. Bravo!


Oldfather - Rochester Hills

Best La Traviata ever at MOT. All the soloists were very good both vocally and dramatically.


DCMT - Bloomfield Hills

Fabulous performance! Great production! Nicole Cabell (Violetta) and Stephen Powell (Germont) were amazing!


Tim - Rochester Hills

It was another wonderful production by the MOT!


Penny Pesta - New Baltimore

It was wonderful, beautiful voices, beautiful people! The busload of fans were thrilled.  Penny


Stephan Lowe - Birmingham

Amazing performance. Thank you everyone. I would have enjoyed seeing the supportive cast members at the curtain call.


Armando Lopez - Plymouth

The day after seeing the absolutely marvelous production of La Traviata the music's still ringing in my ears. I was so "wired' last night after the performance, I literally couldn't sleep. This performance was probably the best I've ever seen. The voices of Nicole Cabell, Leonardo Caimi and Stephen Powell soared to heaven in melodious tones I'm unable to adequately describe. The MOT needs to invite them back for other performances…Tosca, perhaps? A wonderful, beautiful performance whose memory I'll treasure.


HMM&SMH - Royal Oak

My first time at the opera. My aunt took me and it was the most amazing experience! La Traviata was definitely a wonderful opera to start my new addiction: operas. Exquisite performance! Cannot get the songs out of my head, but I would be upset if they do


Mary Anne Callaghan - Clinton Township

What a privilege for me to be among the audience as each performer did a most wonderful job in their presentation of their characters through the musical poetry of their songs! The Opera was my favorite among many awesome presentations at the Opera House. The costumes, the sets, and voices were stunning and leave me with a great memory of La Traviata!


Jean Klarich - Dearborn Hts.

It was very well done. I especially enjoyed the baritone's (father's) voice. It was gorgeous, and he blended very well with Violetta.


Keith Otis Edwards - Dearborn

You can watch a video of Pavarotti singing "Brindisi" at a concert in Modena, and plainly visible is a tuba, not the cimbasso that Verdi scored for. Not many people would notice this or even care about such a minor detail.

The singers in this MOT production are all first rate, but we have come to expect that. The fact that the MOT orchestra obtained a cimbasso is one of the little touches that make the productions here the equal of any in the world.


kristi - Commerce Twp

La Traviata was fabulous....singers, set, lighting, orchestra and Verdi's music of course!


Tom Schulte - Grosse Pointe Farms

This was one of our more enjoyable evenings in recent memory. We have heard other great operas but this one was special. The two leads with the father were wonderful. We commented many times during the evening about the quality of their voices. The sets were beautiful. It was a special evening and a season highlight.


Marcia - Royal Oak

Amazing! Great music, breathtaking stage and singers. Awesome production at the Detroit opera house.


Angie - Detroit



BReno - Grosse Pointe



George and Susan Dilgard - Birmingham

This was our first opera.  A perfect experience - performers, acoustics, staging...


Jack - Grosse Pointe

I cannot give any critical commentary regarding La Traviata, but I enjoyed the performance very much. I'm a Hillberry and Bonstelle play-goer and while their presentations are excellent they are not professional. This I came to appreciate at last night's performance.


Larry Delorme - Roseville

11/22/2013 the opera was excellent - Corinne Winters and Zach Borichevsky were superb.  All I can say about Stephan Powell is - Bravo-Bravo-bravo-bravo His solo singing and duets were perfect.  Thanks for a great performance.


Miz Liz - Saginaw

Absolutely amazing experience!  MOT does an incredible job with the sets, lights, costuming and makeup.  The performers were simply thrilling, with voices that made the music soar.  What a wonderful evening!


Carol Barrett - Sarnia

Absolutely wonderful! The soloists were terrific!


Arlene Frank - Detroit

The music, voices, and sets were lush. Another totally enjoyable experience at MOT!


Dr. Al Utecht - Livonia



Pat - Lake Orion

EVERYTHING - from the sets, costumes, singing, acting, orchestral playing - was EXCELLENT!!!!!! One of the best I've seen at MOT. Thank you for a wonderful evening.  The emotional passion actually made my husband cry - a first during an opera. BRAVO!!!!


Naka - Troy

Bravo! It was awesome, best casting, music and stage!! Thanks you, I really loved it!!!


DCB - Southfield

This is my second live opera, the first was Aida last spring, so this is not the opinion of a one who has a deep background.  I loved it. Reading the synopsis and following the translation above the stage, I was able to follow the action well.  This singing was excellent from all lead roles.  The choir was thrilling. The orchestra was top notch. Stage and costumes were very good.  What a lovely evening.


Rick and Catherine R. - Dearborn

This was one of the best plays(Opera) I have seen in a long time. Thank you for coming to Detroit. This is a must see for all couples. Best date ever.


Ypsibob - Ann Arbor

We both loved the production.  While the lead voices were slightly pinched in the first act, they freed up as the evening went along.  The second act was stunning, they totally nailed.  The Germont baritone was MetOpera quality and the other leads not far behind. Bravi to a chorus that gets better every year, same to the orchestra.


Ceci - Hartland

Soprano was superb. Wonderful set, loved the saucy Flora. And, I did cry, even knowing the story!

Thank you for another amazing performance.


Jim Hanika - Grosse Pointe

One of the best operas I have seen in a long time!!


Barbara - Bloomfield Hills

We loved every minute.  Could watch this production again and again. The music, voices, sets, staging and orchestra were thrilling. It's a real MOT winner and could transform a non- opera person into a devotee.  Thanks to MOT for bringing it to Detroit.


Lawrence Zatkin - Southfield

A truly magnificent production of an excellent opera by Verdi. Anyone who has the opportunity to see it should make it a priority.


Vscott - Roseville

What an absolutely perfect production!
The stage scenes were rich and made you feel you were looking through a window into another time. The costumes were beautiful!  Cabell was a wonderful Violetta, so much emotion in both her singing and acting. Caimi was a very good Alberto. His voice was strong and descriptive, the voice of a man in love. Stephen Powell was outstanding as Germont. The baritone voice is not usually my favorite voice but this music and his voice were made for each other.
Excellent job by everyone. If you show it again next month I would be back to see it again! I just might come tomorrow!


Cassandra - Windsor

It was an Amazing show! It was everything I expected it to be. A wonderful evening.


Steven Gainey - Charles Town, WV

I attended the Friday 11/22 performance.  I specifically traveled to Detroit for this performance to see Corinne Winters in the title role, as I had seen her as Mimi in Louisville in September, and she was wonderful.  Moreover, I had seen Traviata in Chicago two nights previously, and the three lead characters in Detroit were the equal of their Chicago counterparts in every respect.  Ironically, the Detroit production is owned by Lyric Opera of Chicago, and is a far better production than the one currently mounted in Chicago.  It's a win-win-win for Detroit.  There is one remaining performance with Winters, this afternoon.  Do not miss this young woman...some day, you'll be able to say, "I saw her at the beginning of her distinguished career!"


Susan Brakke - Clarkston

Transporting. We loved it!


Rod - Novi

It was a memorable production with gorgeous set designs like a series of Impressionist paintings, well acted and sung, and with a lush orchestration.  I awoke the next morning with "Brindisi" still ringing in my head!


Marshall Weingarden - Milford

La Traviata is a 10: superb sets, solid costuming, wonderful & well performed music, excellent acting and captivating singing by the entire cast not just the incredible leads. Encore, encore!


Ken & Kathy Myers - Bloomfield Hills

A spectacular performance!! Could not have asked for more in this beautiful venue. Thanks to all who made it happen.


Janet - Grosse Pointe Woods

The sets and wardrobes were fantastic. Overall it was a very good performance. Thank you for putting on such a fabulous performance.


Steve - Grosse Pointe

Attended the November 23 performance and it was fantastic. Agree with the other positive reviews but there was one big problem.  It was so stuffy and hot in the balcony that my wife and I couldn't enjoy the evening which was the real tragedy of the evening for us.  We weren't alone in that sentiment either, everyone was complaining.  The Opera House should strive to make all aspects of the experience pleasant for its customers.  We've tried 3 performances over the past few years with similar results.  Love the productions but will not return because it is just too uncomfortable.


James - Windsor

Without any exaggeration, this opera is surely a masterpiece - the music was very moving and beautiful.  Violetta (Nicole Cabell) was absolutely incredible - the duets with Alfredo (Leonardo Caimi) were exquisite - very romantic and inspiring. Germont's (Stephen Powell) baritone was booming and incredibly powerful. The sets were perfect.  This is Opera at it's best!  Wow!!!


Patti - Westland

Saw the performance Friday with a friend who was a first time opera goer.  She loved it! And so did I. The opera talk before the show was, as always, delightful.  Dr. Peace brings the story to life in a humorous and down to earth way.  The costumes were gorgeous; and the sets were perfect.  As always at Detroit Opera House, the voices were lovely.


Andrew - Berkley

The entire cast including those in lead and supporting roles were amazing. Their ability to sing in diverse positions such as Alfredo on his back and Violetta lying prone amazed us. Each set was gorgeous.


Lori - Troy

We attended the opera on November 23rd.  What could have been a wonderful night was ruined by the excessive heat on the mezzanine level.  We left early as it was so uncomfortable.  We were very disappointed as we have enjoyed other productions.


David Marchildon - Grosse Pointe Woods

This is our 3rd time seeing La Traviata. We enjoyed it immensely---the sets, costumes and singing were superb.  I am only sorry we saw it the last Saturday, so we couldn't tell all of our friends to make sure to see it!


Phyllis Clark Webb - St. Clair Shores

Fabulous production!! Someone said the Sunday leads were supposedly not "the Stars". I don't think I have heard any Violetta & Alfred that were any better.  The whole cast was top-notch. And, of course Germont reduced me to tears with "Di Provenza." Keep track of Stephen Powell. Also  the scenery was very clever - especially the 2 minute change.  The chorus was excellent as usual. The Sarasota Chorus might challenge them, but no other that I have seen  including the Met. Sat theater performances. My only regret is that I cannot watch it over & over again!!!


Klopfer - Clarkston

It was a wonderful performance! 

 BUT - we almost had to leave as the temp was so very, very hot and my husband is a heart patient!!! 

Thankfully an usher finally found someone to get some air into the balcony!


Donn Reid - Royal Oak

The Michigan Opera Theater's performance of Verdi's La Traviata rose to match Verdi's musical and dramatic genius. It was a night of perfection: perfectly sung, staged, cast and paced by Conductor Leonardo Vordoni. Corinne Winters, making her MOT debut, has a powerful voice with an ability to sing sotto voce that could easily be heard throughout the opera House. Tenor Zach Borichevsky, in the role of Alfredo, also making his MOT debut has a
tenor voice that is rich in every range, especially the wonderful upper register. Stephen Powell, another debut-maker, sang the elder Germont in the late Robert Merrill style of perfection. This is the cast Verdi should have had in the opera's first performance. This "Traviata" was performed on a "Metropolitan Opera Level" of Grand Opera. Not a bad performance by anyone. Thanks MOT!


Cheryl Ann George - Warren

Bellisima!  Wonderful voices blended delightfully.  Beautiful sets, beautiful costumes, and the symphony sounded lovely. Awesome!


Maria Y. Etienne - Bloomfield Hills

A truly outstanding perfomance. World class. Thank you Mr.Dichiera!


David Potter - Ann Arbor

This was a wonderful production, all the singers were superb. Corinne Winters and Zach  Borichevsky are major young talents and it is wonderful to hear them in Detroit. Stephen Powell was brilliant, and the production was elegant (a few well timed coughs are preferable to the Strasbourg clock, and the final set drove home Violetta's sacrifice). The orchestra was splendid, as always. I hope that we can hear all these artists working with MOT again!


Mona Ruggers - Milford

The 2013 MOT production of La Traviata was wonderful. The soprano was lovely as Violetta, with a clear, pure voice that is not often heard.  The baritone voice of the father was actually the show stopper. Such maturity and control - bravo! Alfredo did a nice job, but his voice was sometimes unsure. The entire performance, though, was eclipsed by the musical talents and expressions of the most handsome conductor, whose beauty was actually blinding.


Kay Shaw - Harrison Township

It was fantabulous!  Brought me to tears - in fact, I was crying the whole third act.  Strong, beautiful voices; lilting, favorite music; amazing lighting and sets, and beautiful costumes. Last time I saw "Traviata" was in Venice -- and the Detroit performance was better!!!  Kudos to DiChiera - he is the "heart" of Opera in Detroit!


Paul Lessem - Huntington Woods

I am responding on behalf of myself and Marilyn as I am the big opera fan. She is the dance fan. I have been attending operas for over 45 years. During this time I have seen perhaps a half dozen Traviata's including one by the MET with Joan Sutherland as Violetta when the MET came to Detroit to the Masonic Temple and one or two in Europe. This was by far the best of the lot. The voices, acting and set were incredibile. La Traviata is a painful, moving and wonderful spectacle. Usually Violetta is a bit flat which makes her a bit of a cartoon character, Papa Germont the Baron, and the other characters are usually cardboard but the music is always wonderful. In this production the superb acting matched the flawless singing, bringing all the characters to life, especially Violetta. Over the years Dr. DiChiera has enriched our lives, bringing us superb young sopranos, tenors, and baritones who go on to great fame and accomplishment. He has outdone himself with Nicole Cabell. We will never forget her performance. Thank you for a magical, emotionally moving evening of opera at its very best.


Kay - Plymouth

Wonderful!! Great set, gorgeous voices...great event.


Mary D. Smith - Royal Oak

Wonderful production - the performers, music and sets were all exceptional! My friends and I had a great time.


Fulvio Romano - Bloomfield Hills

This is one of the best performances I have seen lately. The whole cast performed admirably in this tear jerking opera. Corinne Winters ( Violetta ) has good voice and great stage presence and Stephen Powell (Germont) stole much of the scenes with his strong presence. The whole team that designed and prepared the stage settings did a super job. My last compliments go the young conductor Leonardo Verdoni, he has great potential, actually he is already great.


Dr. Renee C. Hoogland - Detroit

Totally loved this performance: production, soloists, sets. I came prepared to kind of like it, but ended up being enthralled.


Richard Vandenbrul - Livonia

What a splendid and artistic production La Traviata was on Sunday afternoon November 24th. The music is sensational with one beautiful number after another. The cast was superb and up to he best we have experienced at MOT productions. There is no better experience than spending an afternoon listening to live Opera.


Mr and Mrs Janosi - Grosse Pointe Woods

What is a cimbasso?

We agree, Stephen Powell stole the show. All others were very good too. (Nov. 24 performance.) The sets, the orchestra and the costumes were outstanding.

Was well worth fighting the Lions' caused traffic and being "forced" to park high up in the structure. (Instead of parking in nearby lot.)


JoAnn Chmielewski - West Bloomfield

Beautifully crafted, visually and musically! What a joy to be a part of the audience! Bravo to all!


Gerald and Margaret - Bloomfield Township

We had a terrific afternoon. Corinne Winters was just marvelous - beautiful tone and lovely to watch. Zach Borichevsky (Alfredo) sang beautifully, and Stephen Powell was a crowd favorite. The scenery was inventive, the orchestra flawless, and the standing ovation at the end well-deserved. The opera house is stunning. Why the auditorium had to be so over-heated is beyond me. Wear layers so you can peel down to your tank top.


J Ciccarelli - Grosse Pointe Woods

Truly timeless story told so beautifully, the presentation, sets, cast and vocals virtually flawless. Inspiring.

Bravo DOT!!


Michael Brock - Trenton

I have come to expect only the highest quality productions from Dr. Dichiera and Co. and have yet to be disappointed. Where to start! First of all, Verdi is my favorite. I love the spiritual quality of his work, and this piece has that, plus fantastic music! Next, the set and costumes could have been done by Rembrandt; they look like a moving Dutch Masterpiece!  Next, the voices and the acting were amazing (especially the female lead), the acoustics are better than the Met, and the prices are much better than the Met. Finally, I have no formal musical education; I come to opera from a background in theater. Being able to follow the story on surtitles brings everything together for me. Thank you MOT!


Mary Andrews - Farmington Hills

Verdi Lives! And, he lived today through the brilliant conducting skills of Leonardo Vordoni!

What a pleasure to listen to lush and opulent sounds under such masterful control. The overture was more than transfixing; it was heavenly. 

And, to mix this into a wonderful cocktail with the fabulous production design and lighting techniques was breathtaking:  This is a Holiday cocktail that shook me to my roots; truly a Thanksgiving treat extraordinaire.


Keith McCormack - Rochester Hills

Very nicely done. The orchestra was particularly good at supporting the singing. Main characters acted and sing remarkably. Will be coming back for future performances.


Lori - Troy

It was wonderful! The sets took my breath away! The voices were exquisite. It made me cry! Loved it.


John & Janice - Windsor

Absolutely wonderful. Music was incredible and performance second to none.


Joel Boyd - Kalamazoo

The show was wonderful. Loved the sets and costumes but was equally enthralled with the quality of the singing. A night to remember.


Gary W - Detroit

A stellar performance.  Visually stunning.  Verdi at his best!


Olga Bonfiglio - Kalamazoo

This was my first experience with the MOT. The magic began when I walked into the building and saw its beauty. Ushers were helpful and sharp-looking. Patrons were friendly. well-behaved and well-dressed--something seldom seen in public. The audience also represented ALL age groups and I heard many different languages as well. The set and production were fantastic and engaging--such a beauty of sound! I'm hooked and want to share MOT with others by bringing them to other productions. See you again!!


C. Thompson - Shelby Twp.

I totally enjoyed the Sunday Matinee' performance of La Traviata presented at the Detroit Opera House. I thought the singing and performances of the leads were outstanding, as well as the chorus vocals. I believe this was one of the tighter chorus vocals I've heard within a Detroit Opera House performance, which is not to say that other performances have been off, just that a live performance with a large chorus can sometimes not all be in sync at all times, but I never heard any section of the chorus the slighted bit off. The sets and costumes were amazing and the overall direction and staging of the performance was visually moving. I've seen several performances of La Traviata over the years, here and elsewhere, and I think this was one of my favorite performance of that opera. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.


Mike - Dearborn

I saw the Sunday 11/24 performance.  The last time I saw "La Traviata" was over 15 years ago, and I appreciate better just why this is such a popular and beautiful opera.  The sets were beautiful, particularly the 2nd act, and Corinne Winters was a lovely and convincing Violetta, in voice and demeanor.  Yes, the finale brought tears to my eyes, I'm sure just as Verdi intended.


Roger Anderson - Livonia

My wife and I attended the final performance on Sunday afternoon and it was outstanding. The cast was excellent as were the orchestra and the staging and costumes were wonderful. Overall, a great performance and production. We were concerned about finding parking since I didn't see the separate place on the website for prepaid parking but we arrived about an hour early and had no trouble getting in the MOT parking structure. A wonderful experience.


Sumer Pek - Ann Arbor

The last performance of the La Traviata series on Sunday Nov 24 was staged beautifully, sang compassionately, and conducted skillfully, appropriate for Verdi's masterpiece.  We look forward to further expansion of classical operatic performances at Michigan Opera Theatre, which would help Detroit regain its stature.  SP


bkw - Pleasant Ridge

I attended opera with 4 others that work for me. Not one of them has ever seen an opera. It was delightfull, beautiful music and the chorus, costumes and the stage. We sat high up on the balcony, and still worth every penny!!!!


Mitch Shammas - Warren

All elements were outstanding.


Rhoda Raider - W. Bloomfield

PERFECTION in every way.


Joehere! - Detroit

Truly an amazing performance for Michigan Opera Theater. The sets, translations and preperformance presentations were wonderful. You are catapulted into the aria of Brindisi: libiano, libiano. When are planning to do Rigoletto?


Mary - West Bloomfield

Very enjoyable evening.  Stephen Powell as Dr. Germont was a special treat.


Meg - Royal Oak

This was my first opera and I have to say it lived up to years of expectations. The set was dazzling, the music was thrilling and I was blown away by the sheer beauty of it all. Thank you for the spectacular performance. I cannot wait to see the next one!
One small, comment, and this had nothing to do with the performance but the people attending the performance. "No photography" MEANS no photography, including using your cell phone to take pictures. I was appalled when several people around me and throughout the balcony took out their phones and started taking pictures during the curtain call. We are all adults and know better!


Pierette Simpson - Novi

I attended with my boyfriend and god-daughters. We ALL enjoyed the performance immensely. In fact, I would call it the best operatic performance I've ever heard, and probably will ever hear. The voices were sensual in their sonority and expression. The stage and staging were exquisite, and the orchestra sounded very professional. We are grateful to Mr. Di Chiera for bringing such a high caliber production to Detroit.


Barbara Henderson - Canton

I attended with my boyfriend and god-daughters. We ALL enjoyed the performance immensely. In fact, I would call it the best operatic performance I've ever heard, and probably will ever hear. The voices were sensual in their sonority and expression. The stage and staging were exquisite, and the orchestra sounded very professional. We are grateful to Mr. Di Chiera for bringing such a high caliber production to Detroit.


d'Mac - Milford

Fabulous performance and production!


Sarah and Michael Palmer - Grosse Pointe

Great production of La Traviata.  The lead roles were well chosen.  We very much enjoyed the performance.


JERRY - Bloomfield Hills



Ken Shereda - Grosse Pointe Park

Everything about the production was fabulous!


Richard F. - Grosse Pointe Park



Mary Lou - Warren

La Traviata is one of my favorite operas; it has so many wonderful arias--arias I have heard all my life while listening to the Italian Hour on Sunday radio.

However, Sunday's version, while beautiful seemed to be missing something.  I wish I could put my finger on it.  Perhaps past performances still linger in my mind.

That being said, kudos to the cast and to the orchestra (and the set).


Gerri Rhoads - South Lyon

Really appreciated the baritone performance and the orchestral excellence.  Beautiful!


Karrie N. - Sterling Heights

Best word to describe this production is LUSH. The sets were incredibly beautiful and welcoming, the costumes gorgeous and the singers top notch. The symphony sounded wonderful and the prelude was especially amazing and I could not help but sit back and close my eyes. It was a feast for the eyes, ears and soul.

The highlight of the opera was Nicole Cabell. It is hard to believe that this was her debut as Violetta! She was absolutely amazing! She portrayed a very sultry, vibrant courtesan in the first act, just as you could imagine they were back in that time. Her "Amami Alfredo" was so heartfelt and the death scene amazingly done. Nicole has it all. A beautiful woman with an absolute amazing voice along with exceptional technique and acting skills. Add to that, such charisma and stage presence that could be felt. Her voice has such a warmth and silky richness with a beautiful tone that is all her own and unforgettable. She was truly perfect, a stunning Violetta! Nicole WAS Violetta! 

Nicole Cabell and Leonardo Caimi as Alfredo made a beautiful couple. He was so handsome, which made the opera even better. ;)  He was wonderful as Alfredo, although at times he strained a bit on the higher notes. Germont was excellent (and I loved the slap he gave Alfredo!) He looked like his son, too. Flora was also just wonderful and stood out, unlike a lot of "Flora's" I've seen. I enjoyed her very much. The chorus was also good for being small. 

The acting by all was wonderful and lively, but especially so by Nicole who's acting who so impeccable. So much in fact, I felt like this wasn't just an opera but a story that was really happening right in front of me. The opening act made me feel as if I were a part of Violetta's party somehow. And little details were put in that I don't usually see in other productions, which I believe helped give it that "realism." 

Now for my complaints and I will point out the most important one first- La Traviata is a "GRAND OPERA" like Aida, but it was not shown as such! Why?? Traviata had a chorus of course, but I was expecting it to be much bigger, especially at Flora's Spanish-themed party. I didn't even see any dancing which is one of the most essential elements that makes a "Grand Opera!" (Aside from a few twirls by the girl the bullfighter won, if you call that dancing.) Why no ballet??? You could have done so much more MOT! Overall there was not much going on in this scene and it hardly seemed like a party. I was expecting something much bigger and lavish. These courtesans and the rich men lived extravagantly. You went all out for Aida but not so much for Traviata. It was a big let-down for me. Other than that, the letter scene took me by surprise and literally scared me when Germont's voice started talking through a speaker. It was creative but not sure I really liked it. It's good for movies but not for opera. And then there is the big deal with all the chopping of the music. The omitted aria by Germont at the end of Act 2 didn't bother me NEARLY as much as the shortening of Act 4 with all the snipping. I know you like to try to squeeze every opera in by 10:30, but it can't always happen and when it does it comes with a price. Aida and especially Giulio Cesare ended late. So what. All operas are different and perhaps if you listed the ending time for each opera instead of the general 10:30 for all (which is not always true!) would help patrons out better (especially with the planning of pick-up rides.) LASTLY, I found it so extremely strange that Violetta wore a red and black dress in Act 1. Call me "nit-picky," but this is a favorite opera of mine and anyone who knows this opera as well as I do would most likely agree.  

Overall I still definitely would recommend anyone and everyone to see it. It was so much enjoyed, my first time seeing it in person. It is an opera very close to my heart. Thank you MOT for bringing La Traviata to the stage. I had waited for it to come for so long! And then when I found out that Nicole Cabell was going to be Violetta, I was even more excited, as I was already a fan of hers. Cabell and Traviata were a match made in Heaven!!!


Norman B. - Troy

MOT celebrated the Verdi Bicentennial year in fine fashion with a very satisfying performance of La Traviata. A good cast that looked their parts and topped that with excellent singing and acting, nicely evocative sets and effective staging made this one of the more memorable MOT evenings. Great job!


Tinysha - Inkster

La Traviata was quite wonderful. The orchestra was the highlight of the evening and the voice of Germont (the father) was beautiful. Alfredo had a lovely tenor and the few subtleties of the Baron were cleverly interspersed. Wish the choreographer and director would have created a bit more movement for the party scenes as most of the stage work was limited and the story forwarded by recitativo (dialogue). But as it is an older opera, what can one expect.

Overall, an enjoyable experience.


Cheryl - Macomb Township

This was the first opera my 13 year old daughter has attended and she was most impressed! The leads were outstanding and the chorus was tremendously powerful. The orchestra was flawless as well. Thanks to all those involved in the production whether behind the scenes or on stage - it was a truly exceptional performance!


Robert Whitman - Ann Arbor

An outstanding production in every respect: singing, staging, and directing. I look forward to a spring season that's as good as the fall!


Matt - Ypsilanti

What can I say but thank you MOT and David for bringing world class opera to Detroit. This performance was beautiful and magnificent.


Andrea - Brighton

I took my 85 year old father to see this opera this past Sunday. He was raised with opera coursing through his veins and knows everything about it! His grandfather was a maestro in Italy. His mother came here from Italy when she was a young girl. La Traviata was her favorite opera so this was very special to my dad. He was worried that since he didn't know any of the artists, that it wouldn't be as powerful as he remembered. After each scene, he would comment loudly: "They are GREAT!" I asked him on the way home if the artists were worthy of the opera and he said "Definitely!"


Kimberly A - Dearborn

Incredible performance by leads. Set and costumes were gorgeous.


Anne - Brownstown Twp.

The performance, music and sets were all fantastic. Listening to WRCJ before attending made the opera very personal for us. The opera house was decorated beautifully. It was very warm in the front balcony, but fantastic nonetheless. Thank you


David - Bellingham, WA

Wonderful show!  Concerned that the view or sound would be less than excellent from the "cheap seats" on the side of the balcony.  Was very pleasantly surprised that the view was un-obstructed and the sound excellent!  This was the first opera my daughter has seen and it was a fantastic choice.  Very pleased that we could attend.


Gloria - Detroit

Love the music and the performance.


Christa - Washington

This was the most wonderful opera I have ever seen.  Of course, the set and costumes were outstanding, but the cast was perfect!  They were so magical and emotional I cried.


Casandra Rainey - Warren

I have one word for this performance - WOW!  I loved Fidelio!  I loved the Flying Dutchman!  But La Traviata excelled them both!  I would recommend - THE SETS, THE ORCHESTRA, THE SINGING - ALL TOP NOTCH!  The cast was magnificent!  I was mesmerized with Nicole Cabell!  5 stars


Mary - Grosse Pointe Farms

I am an opera novice.  I loved the show.


Mike McCuish - Detroit

Show was incredible.  We went Saturday night and the story was great.  The opera stars were incredible. I was on the edge of my seat.  Thank you!



La Traviata

(The Fallen Woman)

Opera in three acts

Music: Giuseppe Verdi

Libretto:  Francesco Maria Piave

Based on the play: La dame aux Camélias by Alexander Dumas

Premiere: Venice, 1853

Running time: About 2.5 hrs

Sung in Italian with English translations projected above the stage

Eighteenth century Paris. Frail Violetta, afflicted with consumption but consumed by love, abandons her life as a courtesan and begins a new one with young Alfredo. Her racy reputation follows her, however, and threatens to ruin the reputation of the nobleman's family.  Will their new love blossom or wilt? La Traviata is the most-performed opera in the world.





It’s a voice that wraps itself around you. ... long, sinuous phrasing, warm tone and a sophistication that touches everything she sings.

-The Times


Corinne Winters delivered a performance of white-hot intensity and consummate control.

-BBC Music Magazine


As for Caimi, you can hardly ask for more … power, accents both lyrical and intense, and strong technique allow him to make the most beautiful sounds from one extreme to the other.


"Borichevsky is the complete package – possessing a magnificent voice, strong acting ability, enormous stage presence, remarkable versatility, youth, and star caliber good looks that come in about a 6 foot 5 frame.”

-Historic Annapolis Patch





Role: Violetta
Dates: November 16, 20, 23


Role: Violetta
Dates: November 22, 24


Role: Alfredo
Dates: November 16, 20, 23


Role: Alfredo
Dates: November 22, 24


Role: Germont
Dates: All


Barbara Gibson Young Artist Apprentice
Role: Flora


Barbara Gibson Young Artist 
Role: Baron Douphol


Role: Doctor Grenvil
Dates: All


Barbara Gibson Young Artist Apprentice
Role: Annina


Role: Marchese D'Obigny
Dates: All


Role: Gaston
Dates: All 








Act I

Violetta Valéry knows that she will die soon, exhausted by her restless life as a courtesan. At a party she is introduced to Alfredo Germont, who has been fascinated by her for a long time. Rumor has it that he has been enquiring after her health every day. The guests are amused by this seemingly naïve and emotional attitude, and they ask Alfredo to propose a toast. He celebrates true love, and Violetta responds in praise of free love (Ensemble: “Libiamo ne’ lieti calici”). She is touched by his candid manner and honesty. Suddenly she feels faint, and the guests withdraw. Only Alfredo remains behind and declares his love (Duet: “Un dì felice”). There is no place for such feelings in her life, Violetta replies. But she gives him a camellia, asking him to return when the flower has faded. He realizes this means he will see her again the following day. Alone, Violetta is torn by conflicting emotions—she doesn’t want to give up her way of life, but at the same time she feels that Alfredo has awakened her desire to be truly loved (“Ah, fors’è lui… Sempre libera”).

Act II

Violetta has chosen a life with Alfredo, and they enjoy their love in the country, far from society (“De’ miei bollenti spiriti”). When Alfredo discovers that this is only possible because Violetta has been selling her property, he immediately leaves for Paris to procure money. Violetta has received an invitation to a masked ball, but she no longer cares for such distractions. In Alfredo’s absence, his father, Giorgio Germont, pays her a visit. He demands that she separate from his son, as their relationship threatens his daughter’s impending marriage (Duet: “Pura siccome un angelo”). But over the course of their conversation, Germont comes to realize that Violetta is not after his son’s money—she is a woman who loves unselfishly. He appeals to Violetta’s generosity of spirit and explains that, from a bourgeois point of view, her liaison with Alfredo has no future. Violetta’s resistance dwindles and she finally agrees to leave Alfredo forever. Only after her death shall he learn the truth about why she returned to her old life. She accepts the invitation to the ball and writes a goodbye letter to her lover. Alfredo returns, and while he is reading the letter, his father appears to console him (“Di Provenza”). But all the memories of home and a happy family can’t prevent the furious and jealous Alfredo from seeking revenge for Violetta’s apparent betrayal.

At the masked ball, news has spread of Violetta and Alfredo’s separation. There are grotesque dance entertainments, ridiculing the duped lover. Meanwhile, Violetta and her new lover, Baron Douphol, have arrived. Alfredo and the baron battle at the gaming table and Alfredo wins a fortune: lucky at cards, unlucky in love. When everybody has withdrawn, Alfredo confronts Violetta, who claims to be truly in love with the Baron. In his rage Alfredo calls the guests as witnesses and declares that he doesn’t owe Violetta anything. He throws his winnings at her. Giorgio Germont, who has witnessed the scene, rebukes his son for his behavior. The baron challenges his rival to a duel.


Violetta is dying. Her last remaining friend, Doctor Grenvil, knows that she has only a few more hours to live. Alfredo’s father has written to Violetta, informing her that his son was not injured in the duel. Full of remorse, he has told him about Violetta’s sacrifice. Alfredo wants to rejoin her as soon as possible. Violetta is afraid that he might be too late (“Addio, del passato”). The sound of rampant celebrations are heard from outside while Violetta is in mortal agony. But Alfredo does arrive and the reunion fills Violetta with a final euphoria (Duet: “Parigi, o cara”). Her energy and exuberant joy of life return. All sorrow and suffering seems to have left her—a final illusion, before death claims her.

-- Courtesy of Opera News


The 2013-2014 Fall Opera Season
is made possible by
Ford Motor Company 


Opening Night
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Masco Corporation Foundation
proudly sponsors the production of
La Traviata in honor of veterans and
all active duty military personnel.