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Sat March 1, 2014 730p *

Sun March 2, 2014 230p


* March 1 Parking Alert
The Monster Jam at Ford Field will impact the availability of parking on March 1. When ordering dance tickets for this date, consider reserving a parking spot in the Opera House Parking Center.



Praised as “America’s Premier Ballet Company,” The Joffrey Ballet will captivate audiences with an exciting mixed-repertory program that will include the Michigan premiere of Son of Chamber Symphony, a new piece from renowned American choreographer Stanton Welch, featuring the music of John Adams. Performances will also include Jerome Robin’s classical and jazzy Interplay, music by Morton Gould. This is a must see event for ballet lovers!

Celebrate The Joffrey's return!



Video Preview of Nine Sinatra Songs

Dance Patron Reviews


The Joffrey Ballet

March 2014







Elaine Frost - Grosse Pointe Park

The ballet was superb! But we're stuck in the parking lot 1.5 hours so far, and not yet to the parking lot exit. The value of the performance is greatly diminished by this inconvenience.



Lawrence Zatkin - Southfield




Sue - Livonia

After the rain was amazing. Sinatra was fun. Enjoyed the performance. Totally worth the 2 1/2 hours it just took to get home in this traffic!!



Jodi - Detroit




Ed Royal - Bloomfield Hills

The performance was totally enjoyable.

On the other hand the congestion in your designated parking structure was horrible. It took 1 hour to exit from the deck. The problem appeared to be difficulty in turning onto a grid locked street. Maybe police traffic directors would help. There was none.



Izumi Myers - Novi

All the pieces were beautiful and well executed. The second piece, "After the Rain" especially was just exquisite.

It was well worth coming in the snow!



Durhane - Windsor

One of most entertaining events of the season. Great choice of sets and well executed. Nice to have them back in Detroit.



Suzanne Curtis - West Bloomfield

Simply stupendous!  Loved the choice of music and the dancing was sublime.



eliot - West Bloomfield

Good not great.



Christia - Detroit

Wow! I really love ballet and I also really like the Joffrey...this was definitely a beautiful and talented depiction of dance that I give a 8/10. My reason is, while I like Frank Sinatra, 9 (nine) songs-9 dances at the end reminded me more of dancing with the stars more than the ballet. Honestly, after the third Sinatra performance I was perplexed that there was more! I will continue to see the Joffrey ballet in the future. I just hope the show continues to excite through the end. Had a great evening!



Maya Watson - Detroit

An absolutely gorgeous, thoughtful and emotional performance from beginning to end.  I got lost in the movements of each dance. While I was watching, I kept thinking, "I wish I had this on DVD, so I can feel this way every night."



Marilyn - Huntington Woods

It is so wonderful to see the Joffrey In Detroit. The program was so well chosen, starting with Jerome Robbins and ending with Twyla Tharp, both of whom are familiar and well loved, especially, (for me,) Robbins. I was happy to have a chance to see dances by Chris Wheeldon, about whom I've read but have never seen, and by Stanton Welch, new to me. Both pieces were wonderful, different from each other and from everything else. Bravo!



Linda - Brighton

I was disappointed, particularly the Frank Sinatra presentation. It was more like modern dance than ballet.



CjP - Grosse Pointe Park

The Ballet was very good. I enjoyed all aspects of the performance as it pertained to the dancers, choreography, lighting, costumes and music. The theater and parking situation was so bad that I am not sure I could stomach coming back. My Family and I spent more time waiting to get out of the parking lot after the performance than the actual time spent at the show. The hall was way way way too hot that many patrons had to resort to fanning themselves with programs (very distractive but necessary) during the performance. I would suggest the opera hall work on the basics first. (hvac system,  efficient parking exiting, manageable lines at the bar) There is no excuse for any of this in 2014. Oh, one more thing: please get someone to check out the flickering light at the center ceiling area in the theatre. God only knows what kind of dangers could be just waiting.



Donald - Southfield

Thoroughly enjoyable. Good music-Great Dancing. Hopefully they will be be back soon.



R. Brooks - Detroit

Parts one and two before the second intermission were awesome.  I ended up leaving because it was so hot in the house my nose started bleeding.  It was dry and I could't suffer anymore.  However, I understand that the house has to be a certain temperature to keep the performers muscles warm, however, I wish it was another way to that.  Overall, great ballet!!!



Brian Matico - Troy

Outside of the second performance and a few other combinations throughout the remaining show, I was not impressed with this performance. The performers lines, precision, grace and flow appeared to be off, and not in a way that would have made it appear that this was what was intended.



Angie DiVita - Royal Oak

I had never been to the ballet before and didn't know what to expect.  It was absolutely beautiful!  Loved it!



Beverley o - Southfield

Outstanding choice of program and execution. A quintessential American group of pieces of music and choreography. Beautifully danced.



Gary Wozniak - Detroit

Great performance to end the season!



Charles Murray - Troy




Corinne - Bingham Farms

This group was again absolutely fabulous.  Each of the 4 pieces were sensational.  I really loved the Frank Sinatra/Twyla Tharp piece.  I hope that they will return every season for they are the greatest!



Vicki Ineson - Allen Park

The Joffrey Ballet was wonderful and very entertaining. We need more of these types of events in Detroit!



Kevin - Farmington Hills

Although the traffic before and after the performance was harsh - The ballet was delightful!



Whitney - Huntington Woods

I absolutley LOVED the Joffrey Ballet! My favorite piece the "After the Rain" pas de deux. It was also fun to see pieces by Jerome Robbins and Twyla Tharp.



Madeline Foster - Bloomfield Hills

Awesome - I want to do that! - Is that a real tutu? - Who is Frank Sinatra?  -  Are they coming back soon?  Let's go see them again - 
Apparently my g'daughters and their friends - ages 11, 11, 8, and 8 -  expecting something like Swan Lake type ballet, clapped, Rah'd, and loved their first experience with contemporary ballet - Thank you for bringing the Chicago troupe to Detroit.



Victoria Haltom - Livonia

I liked all of the music that was selected for each ballet presented. My favorite was the pas de deux, After the Rain. I was blown away by the synchronization of the dancer's movements, the sensual choreography and the sensation that the two dancers were some where in space with no obstructions or physical boundaries. My second favorite was the third number. The female dancer's tutus looked like cogs on a machine and the robotic and machine-like movements of the dancers was perfect for the most interesting music of the evening. And who doesn't like Frank Sinatra? The Joffrey's performance was a very special evening to remember. Thank you for your artistry.



Rhoda Raider - W. Bloomfield

Beautiful performance, beautiful dancing and beautiful choreography.



Rachel - Ann Arbor

Parking was terrible. It took me TWO hours to get out of the parking garage because of local traffic. 

I'm not sure if I would go to another even at the DOH if I have to experience that type of wait again.

I sat in my car in line to leave the parking garage for the same amount of time I was at the ballet.

A really unpleasant experience.



Daniel - Sterling Heights

One of the most disappointing performances I have ever seen! I felt like I was at a high school talent show!



Patti - Clinton Township

My friend and I truly enjoyed the performance. That was the first time ever attending a ballet and it was very good.



Sherry - White Lake

"After the Rain" pas de deux moved me to tears. Raw beauty performed by Christine Rocas and Temur Suluashvili.



Lisa Hancock - Sterling Heights

My daughter and I enjoyed it very much and all the staff were very welcoming and courteous.  Very nice afternoon.  Will plan to come again.  Thank you DOH for inviting us.



Shirleyanne - Beverly Hills

I am delighted that the Joffrey Ballet has returned to Detroit. I attended the Sunday matinee performance. The dancers, choreography and music were positively outstanding. I can't wait for their return next year.



Anne C. - Ypsilanti

What phenomenal performance by the Joffrey Ballet. I was mesmorized by all the dancers and especially enjoyed the contemporary pieces set to Frank Sinatra music! I hope they come into town again soon -I'd definitely see that show.



karen - Detroit

Loved the ballet, hated the seats. My daughter and I were in the right section and 1st row, I thought they would be great... the dance company were dancing on the right side of the stage... missed some good dancing...



E. Batie - Ypsilanti

The ballet was great! The heat inside the Opera House was not...hard to really enjoy the program when you are sweating in your seat...not sure what happened, i was just told that they are working on it. was hot! I was surprised that management did not address the audience during an intermission.



bld - Tecumseh, ON

I really enjoyed the pas de deux and would have liked to see the entirety of the performance.  Unfortunately, someone was crinkling their candy wrap throughout the entire pas de deux even though we asked them to stop (12 year old and parent did not do anything about it).  I found the space music to be at odds and not very compatible for me with the ballet performance but that is the arts.  Overall, a very nice presentation and the Sinatra dances were enjoyable to watch.



Mitzi Jackson - Detroit

I truly enjoyed the Joffrey it had a strong opening and a wonderful strong close. The performance and all around feel of the production was great I look forward to seeing them again.



Jonene - St. Clair

Really enjoyed Joffrey Ballet on Sunday.  This is the sixth time I have seen them perform, and they are always amazing! Especially enjoyed getting there early to attend the little talk by April and Ashley.

And the Frank Sinatra dance was unique - who would have thunk one day I would see ballet and Frank!  To me ballet is poetry and art in motion all set to music, and the Joffrey does it best!



Enita - Sterling Heights

I was thrilled to be attending a Joffrey Ballet performance as it has been years since my last!  Unfortunately, sitting on I-75 for 90 minutes in the exit lane followed by 30 minutes sitting on Madison prevented my opportunity to pick up my waiting tickets at the will-call window on time.  At 8pm, I headed for home.  Not really sure as to why Monster Jam is WAY more important than The Joffrey Ballet on Saturday night in Detroit.  Traffic could have been re-routed so that DOH patrons could enjoy an evening out. Very disappointing.



Margaret - Sterling Heights

Loved every minute of the performance. The first was my favorite. The dancers, costumes, technique all were superb.



mkoyle - Sterling Heights

The reputation of the Joffrey ballet precedes it's performance but I was unprepared for the beauty, grace, magnificence of their performance. Thrilling!



Gretchen M Thams - Auburn Hills

Once again I was snowed out



Turune Williams - Rochester

Excellent dancing.  Enjoyed every moment of the performance. Can't wait for next year to see it again!



Sidney Blaylock / Carol Blaylock - Detroit

My grandmother was not able to attend the ballet. However she made sure I got there to see the ballet. And I just loved it. I wish she could have seen it too. WE love the Ballet. I really loved that disco ball and I like the fact that you can incorporate Jazz in with the Ballet. Something i have never seen in my dance name is Sidney Blaylock and I am 12 years old.
And just love all of the ballet this year but the Joffrey Ballet stands out the most this year to me.



Joan McKean - Grosse Pointe

Fabulous!  Wish they would come to Detroit every year.