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Sat Nov 2, 2013 730p

Sun Nov 3, 2013 230p





Internationally renowned for its stunning acrobatics and surrealistic sets, the Los Angeles- based Diavolo has been pushing the boundaries of dance since 1992. Under the visionary guidance of Artistic Director Jacques Heim (choreographer for Cirque du Soleil’s “KÀ,” Las Vegas), everyday objects and architectural structures provide the backdrop for risky movements, revealing metaphors for the challenges of maintaining human relationships within modern environments.


Diavolo Dance Theater is an internationally renowned dance company that reinvents dance, re-imagines theater, and redefines thrills. Diavolo takes movement, athletics, and daring to the extreme, creating abstract narratives about the human experience through surreal tableaux.
Founded in 1992 by Jacques Heim, Diavolo has an extensive performance history in our home city of Los Angeles as well as throughout the U.S, Europe, Asia, and Latin America; in over fourteen season of touring, Diavolo has performed for hundreds of thousands of concertgoers worldwide as well as millions more on television. The Company has also created unique performance events for corporate clients such as Wells Fargo, Honda, Sebastian Inc, and General Motors.
Diavolo’s newest piece is Transit Space, inspired by the movement of skateboarding. Transit Space is the first dance work ever created in residency at Glorya Kaufman presents Dance at the Music Center, Los Angeles. As part of the residency, Diavolo conducted research with skateboarders from Ramon Cortines High School for the Arts and held outdoor rehearsals on the Music Center Plaza that were broadcast on ESPN’s Sportscenter.
Transit Space received its world premiere this past season at the Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State University as the culminating event of Diavolo’s participation in Creative Campus, a national initiative to foster connections between performing arts companies and universities. Transit Space receives its Southern California premiere  during this weekend’s engagement at the Broad Stage before touring the U.S. and Europe.
In 2007, the Los Angeles Philharmonic commissioned Diavolo to create a trilogy of new dance works, all to premiere live with the orchestra with the Hollywood Bowl. The first two installments—now in Diavolo’s repertory—are Foreign Bodies (2007), set to the music of Esa-Pekka Salonen, and Fearful Symmetries (2010), set to the music of John Adams. The third installment, Fluid Infinities (2013), will be set to Philip Glass’ Symphony No. 3 and be featured in the Hollywood Bowl’s Summer Concert Series next season.
Education and outreach are crucial to the Diavolo mission. Tens of thousands of students each year attend the Company’s student matinees, in-school assembly shows, and award-winning master classes. In the community, Diavolo regularly conducts workshops at schools, hospitals, and juvenile detention centers. The Company has launching the Diavolo Institute, the biggest and most locally oriented education program in the Company’s history, supported by major funding from the James Irvine Foundation. The Institute offers free dance workshops to engage communities increase active arts participation.


“Heart-stopping swan dives by dancers from on high into the waiting arms of sure-footed partners”THE NEW YORK TIMES


“World Class: exacting choreography... Elegance, power, beauty with the thrill of danger, a special way of dancing…” Hannoversche Allgemeine, Germany


“To say Diavolo is exciting is redundant…Diavolo defines the art of this city”LOS ANGELES TIME


“Jacques Heim…promotes a straightforward playfulness with props and physicality that elicits cheers from the audience.”THE NEW YORK TIMES


“Heim puts his feel for props, his knack for kinetic drama and his taste for danger in the service of a metaphor, and the result is dazzling”NEW YORK, NEWSDAY


“Leaping, flying, and spinning. Diavolo…appears to defy gravity, performing with astounding athleticism and infinite grace.”STANFORD LIVELY ARTS


“Breathtaking’ in triumphant work”THE HERALD SUN


“Transit Space has an infectious rock soundtrack…and a hip, contemporary vibe, thanks to its street-clothes costumes and the loose way the dancers hang about the stage”THE LOS ANGELES TIMES



Set on an abstract Twenty-First Century Galleon, the group is set adrift – sink or swim – upon the ever-shifting landscape of human relations in modern society. A visceral and emotional journey, Trajectoire examines tremendous loss and abandonment. At journey’s end, the piece shows the transcendence of the human soul against all odds.

A sensual solo stimulated by the power of the feminine mystique omni-present in the form of a cyber-spatial female sculpture of sublime contours – a stunningly iridescent other-worldly apparition.


brings to the stage all the ordinary and extraordinary possibilities, difficulties and resulting absurdities of one of the most common structures in our architectural landscape – doors. Tall doors, short doors, revolving doors, doors that flip - doors of all sizes, door that we enter, exit, reconfigure, climb and collide with every day of our life. In Knockturne we discover doors dividing space, doors that provide thresholds of experience, doors that block our way to adventure, and doors that we open and close within friendships, love affairs, families, and business relationships.

foreignBodies.jpgFOREIGN BODIES
An epic journey through the evolution of mankind. Flesh and texture collide in a barrage of corporal imagery contrasting a range of architectural form in an ever-transforming environment. Abstractions of strangers in a strange land of bacteria invading a body evoke metaphors of loss of identity and the wonder of life's persistence until the full cycle of life is completed. (running time: 20 min)

d2ra.jpgD2R A
A wall peppered with protruding metal bars reveals an abstract military obstacle course in the trenches of war. The restrictions of being wounded or physically limited influence movement, and the dancers must achieve their goals despite self-imposed handicaps and inescapable gravity – yet they have no destination. 

Using the cage-like structure, a Man is exploring, establishing and claiming his space. It is within the structure and the reactionary movement that themes of confinement, pressure, freedom, escape, and entrapment are explored. (running time: 11 min)


Dance Reviews



November 2012






Sue Acton — Grosse Pointe

Much more than a dance concert, this was a beautiful and amazing show. Mystery and drama followed by extreme energy and wonder. Both pieces evoked strong mood and emotion.  Don't miss it.


Heidi — Windsor

I loved every second and wanted more! Yay Diavolo!!! Come back soon!!


Andre Brugnone — Shelby Township

Diavolo was an incredible and interesting performance. The ability of the dancers is astounding and the choreography breathtaking, a must see. I am glad I was able to see this.


Margaret Weber — Detroit

Awesome, inspiring, incredible, beautiful wonderful!!!


Suzy Curtis — West Bloomfield

Absolutely stupendous!  I was amazed by the beauty and creativity and sheer athleticism of the troupe.  Brilliant choreography, marvelous music, all-around fabulous!


Susie S. — Bloomfield

My husband said it was the BEST performance he has seen!! AMAZING


Karen Ladd — Bloomfield Hills

Amazing show!  Thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Recommend it for all ages.


Darrell Steward — Canton

A great show. Beautifully choreographed and very creative. Both pieces were inspiring and entertaining.


Sue — Livonia

Did not know what to expect. Blown away by Trajectoire. Happy to have been there tonite. Will see them again if possible.


Dana L — Royal Oak

A brilliantly  conceived and executed presentation. Please come back to Detroit again.


Brent Slavin — Ferndale

It was a great and entertaining show.


Julie — Birmingham

Exciting, inventive use of architectural pieces with dance. Such an extra effort by the dancers to move the "boat" at just the right time and degrees - using energy needed for the next dance movements. And then they brought grace to movements together.


Durhane & Fritz — Windsor

Stunning combination of artistry and athleticism.  The passion from the dancers made the pieces spellbinding from beginning to end.


Hudsons — Ann Arbor

What a fabulous night of amazing dance performances! I loved the originality and unexpected choreography! My only complaint is that the two pieces were so long, we honestly struggled to keep interest after about twenty minutes into each. The first piece was exhausting after about thirty minutes. We would have loved three or four shorter pieces. Still, a wonderful performance!


Abbey & Donna — Detroit

Awesome use of stage props. Incredible form and physicality. Riveting and "edge of the seat" suspension/danger. Outstanding leaps.


Stephanie — Oxford

A one of a kind show full of artistry and athleticism - very worthwhile to see. The musical score is impressive As well.


Larry Winberry — Rochester Hills

Awesome production.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Kudos to the Detroit Opera for bringing in such talented dance theatre.  Please have them back next year.


Dodie — Oxford

They were very interesting and well rehearsed; first number was a bit long - the second number was riveting!!  Did now know what to expect but enjoyed the performance very much.


Carole and Clay — Westland

Amazing performance. Wished we could have seen more. Bring them back!


A new fan — Troy

We (whole family) thought it was wonderful.  The first performance was more challenging, the second was more crowd pleasing.  The dancers were outstanding.  Well worth the ticket price.


Pam — Waterford

Incredibly conceived ideas, remarkably executed.  The strength of the dancers makes their very difficult moves look effortless.  Wonderful performance, hope to see this troupe again.


Anthony — Belleville

Excellent. Amazing. Awe inspiring. I highly recommend this show to any and everyone of all ages. These performers are top notch, well trained and amazing to see. I hope they make Detroit a stop every year.


Sharlene Gage — Detroit

Absolutely loved this dance!  Hope we can bring them back soon.


Jan — Riverview

Excellent performance. Something that we have never experienced in a dance performance.  The dancers were outstanding.


bLd — Tecumseh, Ontario

Very forward thinking in terms of using structures architecturally to enhance their dance movements and acrobatics skills.  I would like to see more emotion in their faces.  I really enjoyed their second number, Trajectoire!!


Pamela — Redford

Diavolo was awesome visual  performance.  It is often compared to Cirque Du Soleil and this performance is not close.  It offers a story of birth and exploration and of passion.  A must see!


CorrinneO — Bingham Farms

Breathtaking! Spellbinding! This group was unusual but also absolutely fabulous.  I found myself holding my breath.  I hope that they return so that even more people get the opportunity to see them.


M & M — Marlette

This was an amazing performance of physical stamina, ability, creativity, architecture; expressive of the true human spirit.  Impressive and thoroughly enjoyable.  The question and answer session at the end was marvelous.


Kathy W — Bloomfield Hills

Modern dance was taken to a whole new level in Diavolo.  Please come back! I would encourage everyone to see it.


Snicket — West Bloomfield

This was one of the most innovative dance productions I've ever seen. The use of structures brings texture to the story line, aids in audience interpretation of what we see, and interestingly enough, also facilitate conveying tension, comraderie and emotion.


R — Detroit

WOW! Faaaaaabulous!  The director was right - this is architecture in motion.  Words don't quite capture it but the quality of the movement, the precision & the use of the apparatus was such a treat!  Diavolo:  Thank you for coming to Detroit - See you again soon!


Maud Lyon — Grosse Pointe Park

Awesome performance!  Full of surprises, athletic, and always graceful and beautiful.  A visual treat, and an amazing ensemble production.


Jeanna and Jayla — Detroit

Awesome!  Magical!  Words can not even explain what we witness. People have to see for themselves.  Dance/ ballet, acrobat, gymnastic become one!


Simo — cHowell

Diavolo was exciting. It was totally different than anything I've seen before.


Deborah Sprich — West Bloomfield

The first act was a little slow moving and repetitive, but they really outdid themselves in the second act.  The second act was spectacular with a little bit of everything from slow, beautiful ballet to breathtaking throws.  Overall a  fabulous show that I would recommend to anyone.  Not being a true dance enthusiast myself, I was  quite pleased I decided to go check it out.


Janet Weber — Grosse Pointe Woods

1. mind bending, mesmerizing, exhausting, exhilarating, fantastic, fresh, exciting.  Hurray for MOT/DOH for bringing such talent to Detroit. Trajectoire will stay with me forever.  I want to see it again and again.
2. overloud music, even after removing my hearing aids and stuffing my ears with balls of tissue it still was annoying.

3. Wasted my time coming 1 hour early to a talk by Jacques Heim which was repeated just b4 the curtain rose.


Gary W — Detroit

What an amazing dance company.  I did not know what to expect BUT was more than pleased.  High energy, creative movement - a wonderful afternoon!


Brian E Matico — Troy

This is by far one of the most captivating performances I have ever seen. Each movement was pure precision and grace. I could not keep still--the energy was fantastic.


Christine M — Saline

A stunning performance. The performers were absolutely amazing and are elite athletes with jaw-dropping strength. My jaw dropped a few times during the performance. We were mesmerized!


Chenyere — Belleville

From our 2nd balcony, 4th row seat, I had a good view of the stage.  The first dance, about fluid movement (don't have my program for correct title), the tube and the sphere props was interesting.  The dance movements were intriguing, the music hypnotizing... and I nodded off several times... to my dismay.  I didn't think I was sleepy.  When the choreographer asked, "How many of you fell asleep?"  I realized, to my relief, it wasn't just me.  There was something about the dark environment, and all the rest that induced my unwanted nods.

The 2nd dance, he warned about sea sickness, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.  Clapping for the success of those flying leaps from the top of the rocker stage into the arms of those trusted partners... Yeaaaay!!!  I had nothing but applause and cheers for that performance.  My sister, who accompanied me, felt the same.  We totaled the whole event as 5/10 on 1st dance and 10/10 on 2nd.


Plymouth Dance Fan — Plymouth

It was FANTASTIC! The strength and endurance of these young performers was unbelievable. Very pleased that they came to Detroit!


Cindy — Hemlock

It was a very different dance. It is not totally athletic dance but the cast was very elegant in there movements. It is worth seeing.


Alexis Reyes — Troy

The show was a spectacular triumph. I would see it again and again.


Armando Lopez — Plymouth

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE. Diavolo exceeded my expectations not knowing anything about the company or ever having seen it on any other media. I hope the MOT can invite it back again, to enthrall the audience with its blend of visionary, expressionistic dance and music.


Ron — Novi

Dancers were outstanding.  Thought first piece was a little to long.  Second piece, Trajectoire was awesome.  I would see Diavolo again.


Samantha — Canton

The first piece was absolutely brilliant! The movement they thoroughly explored in and around the apparatus was fascinating and amusing to watch. The composition and organization of the piece made it very enjoyable and accessible in my opinion. They created quite an interesting story, which was interpreted in several different, entertaining and valid ways at the question and answer session following the performance. Not to mention breathtaking music from one very remarkable composer. 

The second piece was also quite a spectacle. I didn't see quite as much clarity in the concept/storyline (in the Q&A others felt this piece was clearer than the first) but was still very enjoyable to see all of the discoveries the dancers made in their interactions with that apparatus. 

Diavolo dancers pushed themselves to the limits and beyond what I could have imagined in both pieces. I am so inspired and happy I chose to attend this performance and would highly recommend it to anyone considering attending.


Michelle — Royal Oak

This was mesmorizing, abstract experience. I loved it!


AYH — Detroit

Attended with two ballerina granddaughters who enjoyed the performances immensely.  One preferred the second dance and one couldn't make up her mind which she preferred.  All three of us enjoyed the French director and the Q&A.  Great to see something a little different and that included so many difference forms of movement.


Elizabeth Welch — Bloomfield Hills

We thought this show was absolutely incredible! We will definitely see them again the next time they are in Detroit.


Emma — Beverly Hills

Imaginative, provocative and entertaining performance.  Looking forward to a repeat engagement soon.


Margaret — Sterling Heights

The most different performance I have attended amd absolutely so wonderful. The stamina and strengh of the dancers was amazing. The second part was spellbinding, exciting, brilliant, perfect. Come back to Detroit next year.


Amy — Birmingham

This was one of the most beautiful and creative dance performances I have ever seen.  Their use of physical structure and light, combined with the choreography, athleticism and music was unlike anything I have ever seen. Diavolo is an incredible company and I certainly hope they will return to Detroit.


Susan Hall-Balduf — Harper Woods

Wonderful, unexpected show -- it got my 8-year-old companion psyched up for another great dance season.


P. — California

Riveting, high energy, hold on and enjoy.
A most pleasant mixture of modern dance with soul stirring acrobatic.


Rob — Detroit

A wonderful combination of dance and acrobatics.  Thrilling!  Diavolo is a must see.


Turune Williams — Rochester

Excellent show. Will gladly come see it again. Teamwork was well displayed and trust amongst the dancers was also displayed.


Kevin Mason — Detroit

Diavolo was all I hoped it would be and more.  I can appreciate the hard work and amazing discipline that was involved in such a spectacular performance.


Ms. Young — Southfield

Diavolo exemplifies the beauty in the struggle for survival and adaptation. The performers showed AMAZING athleticism. Some of their stunts made me gasp for air! I loved it and I am eager to see how the troupe evolves with the next structure they plan to explore. BRAVO!


Elgin — Ypsilanti



Madeline Mattei — Rochester Hills

Loved it! 


sewing sally — Harrison Township

Very beautiful.

It was different from any other performances we have been to. Hope they return to the Opera House.

Donna - Pinckney

My daughter and I both enjoyed Diavolo's creative and energizing  performance, however we were disappointed with the repetition, especially in the second performance. The rocking, lulling music and repetitive movements made both of us start to doze off. Perhaps it was the rocking of the ship. If there were 3 different dances shorter in length with more variety, we would have been more enthusiastic.


Tonisha B. Lane - Detroit

Lots of chills and thrills that keep you entertained and excited throughout the production. I hope they bring it back to Detroit next year!




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