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After experiencing a major rebirth, Dance Theatre of Harlem returns to Detroit for the second consecutive season. Founded in 1969 by Arthur Mitchell and Karel Shook, the company has grown into a multi-cultural dance institution with an extraordinary legacy of providing opportunities for creative expression and artistic excellence that continues to set standards in the performing arts. Dance Theatre of Harlem has achieved unprecedented success bringing innovative and bold new forms of artistic expression to audiences in New York City, across the country and around the world.


Choreography by Robert Garland
Music by J.S. Bach
Running time: 16 min

Choreography by Helen Pickett
Music by Philip Glass
Number of Dancers: 2
Running time: 8 min

Choreography by Ulysses Dove
Music by Arvo Pärt (Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten)
Running time: 20 min


Choreography by Robert Garland
Music by Aretha Franklin and James Brown
Number of Dancers: 10
Running time: 23 min


Total time: 94 minutes


miamiBalletDanceTalkedwardVillella170.jpgOur popular Dance Talks feature conversations with the dancers and directors. They are a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into the evening's performance and maybe meet a few new friends. Dance Talks begin one hour before curtain and are free to ticketed guests.

Dancegoer Reviews



February 2014






Shawn Ransom - Detroit

Wonderful show.  Very moving.  But from the seats we were in, a lot of the action seemed to be stage right.  So we missed a lot.  Stage left seemed to be unused and I thought this odd.


TMMI - Detroit

Beautiful. Graceful. Strong. Also all ballet performances should be done to James Brown songs. 


Alrick Duncan - Troy

That was the best ballet performance I've seen before.


Michael Twomey - Dearborn Heights

Fine dancing - even better than last year - which a variety of choreographic styles were able to highlight. The audience was very happy with the show.


Nancy - Detroit

Bravo! I enjoyed the performance.


Gary C - Detroit

One word, "Awesome".


Lois - Detroit

In a word - AWESOME! Different ballet to be sure, but ballet nevertheless.  The troupe was well coordinated, synchronized,  interesting concepts.  I loved the different use of hands and pointe. They emoted feeling,  telling stories, commanded my full attention in both halves of the program. I loved the performance.  Lighting could have been better and theater was too warm.


Ronda B. - Detroit

The ballet was AWESOME!!!  The performance had great choreography and music.   It will leave you amazed and breathless.  There is such perfection in this ballet it will leave you wanting more!!!


Christa Koerner - Washington

Simply stunning!!


Carol Lynn Roszka - Grosse Pointe

Well danced as always. The audience loved the dance to contemporary songs by James Brown and Aretha Franklin.


Martha Ratliff - Ann Arbor

Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven was the highlight of the show in both movement and music. Grand, beautiful, ethereal, moving.


John Burow - Troy

Joy, love, grief, discord -- this dance program had all that and more besides. Sometimes it was sheer beauty, other times the connection between the music (whether Bach or James Brown) was exquisite. The sense of struggle in the Philip Glass piece made me squirm.

There were a couple of times that we laughed at a joke in movement. More often quiet laughter was in response to beauty and artistry.

Need I add that we enjoyed the show?


Ann L Parker - Grosse Pointe Park

We especially enjoyed the dance entitled WHEN LOVE, although the entire evening was delightful.

This was the first time we had seen The Dance Theatre of Harlem; hopefully, not the last.

Akemi M. - Detroit

Absolutely Wonderful Performance!

Juan y Krissy - Macomb

We really enjoyed the performances.  The classical styles performed in the early program were magnificient - the choreagraphy was entertaining and integrated innovative movements.  It was not typical and shone because of it.

The James Brown & Aretha Franklin sets were equally well executed and fun.  All around great performance, I would see it again!

Debbie - West Bloomfield

Loved it!!!!

Larry and Cheryl Smith-Winberry - Rochester Hills

The performance by the DTH was awesome!  The dancers were a sight to behold and the choreography was phenomenal! We can hardly wait for their return performance at DOH.  Thanks so much for helping make this the best Valentine's Day ever DTH and DOH.

Dave - Suburbs

Liked the variety. They were not as precise a dance troop as I was expecting. The men were more off, and it was distracting. The 2nd and 3rd performances of the first half were very enjoyable, and the last 2 songs of the final act were great.

Al Thomas - Detroit

Great experience! Detroit need more ballet and more support for what we do have. Hated to see the empty seats.

Marla - Detroit

The perfect elixir in the middle of this endless Winter.  The dancers are gorgeous---athletic, in tune, a joy to watch.  Some of the pieces were truly outstanding:  "When Love," was about love and attraction, but with cynical overtones that added to the drama; the dancers wore red...perfect for Valentine's weekend.  My favorite by far was "Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven".....the dancers wore white, and they just flowed.  It was ethereal and transformative.  Just lovely.

Keith - Detroit

Simply outstanding.

Ted Braude and Mirabeth Braude - Detroit

An outstanding performance. The dynamics, agility, expression and delivery of the dancers was breath-taking. Absolutely great!

Victor C. Kirk - Pontiac

A superb display of classical dance set to motion by endering musical themes and a provocative storyline.

Bgosa - Southfield

Excellent Performance!!

All of the dancers were very expressive and fluid! The one exception was Emiko! Her movements, form and beauty of dance were exceptional! I really enjoyed the visceral poetry. I suggest featuring Emiko as a lead in other choreograph performances.


Adrienne - Detroit

I had a wonderful time. The dancers were beautiful to watch. They were playful and soulful. It was a new experience for my date he said he especially enjoyed the second act following intermission featuring James Brown and Aretha Franklin.

Victor C. Kirk - Pontiac

A superb display of classical dance set to motion by endearing musical themes and a provocative storyline.

Lori Cohn - Bloomfield

Truly enjoyable.

Nick Rowley - Clinton Township

A fantastic night with a really enthusiastic crowd, a lovely first half using compositions from Bach, Glass and Pärt was followed by a delightful return of scenes choreographed to pieces by James Brown and Aretha Franklin.

Highly recommended and bravo to all the performers.

LaTonya - Harper Woods

Beautiful, I loved the dances done to classical and soul music.  A nice mix of ballet and hip hop.

Tyson - Farmington Hills

Being a native of Detroit, coming from the inner city this was the first such event I've attended. I must say I was really impressed, being a former athlete (Football) I was amazed at how not only the men but the women were in such good shape the performance was awesome they made me want to attend another ballet ASAP.

Therese - Ann Arbor

Sensational! Every moment was absolutely delightful!

maya - Detroit

Brilliant ! Beautiful ! Perfect ! Please bring DTH back as soon as possible.

Sue - Livonia

The performance was wonderful. I was however disappointed with some of the behavior from the audience. One does not stand up and hoot and holler at the ballet please save this for your favorite sports team. Applause comes at the end of the performance not whenever you and three of your friends see something you liked. I'm sure this is distracting to the performers during the more quiet numbers. Please come back next year dear dance troupe.

Veronica - Ann Arbor

Incredible performances!!!  Such a wonderful show!  Saw it last year and this year was just a good!  I can only hope they will be back next year!!

Anthony Griffin - Ypsilanti

This experience has a rejuvenating presence that touched my soul. The artists were skillfully tactful and graceful.  I was astonished at the hard work and professionalism that goes into to production. I will come see this every year.

Julia A - Southfield

I am a dancer and felt I could really appreciate the dancing and level of difficulty of the movements. The dancers were beautiful and controlled and the choreography was fun and intriguing. 

The best part was the second half after the intermission. I was dancing and cheering in my seat until the end! I felt if you were not a dancer you may have gotten bored with the first half and possibly left before the second half and missed the excitement and happy ending.   

Overall amazing! I loved every minute of it. =)

Sharlene - Detroit

The dancing performance was wonderful. However, the "music" was so loud, in fact screaming, at times that it distracted from the dancers.

Anne S. - West Branch

Wonderful evening with my 9 year old granddaughter. Second half with music by James Brown and Aretha brought back memories of my childhood but my granddaughter loved the dancing also. The tribute to "Soul Train" was very witty.

Bev - Southfield

Excellent dancing. Liked some choreography better than others. Music a little loud for those of us who sit closer. 
Overall a terrific afternoon.


Deadra Rahaman - Detroit

A privilege to have DTH back at the Opera House!  I am honored to share DTH with my 10 yr old daughter whose an aspiring dancer.  Thank you Opera House and Lear for bringing other forms of the arts to expose and delight our urban and surrounding communities. The Detroit Opera House is a gem in our city and we should continue to fill it with beautiful things such as DTH!


Captain Brian Porter - Belleville

I've seen them before here and else where and they entirely amazed me. I know the hard work  and persistence it took all of them to  "get hired" by the troupe and then the practice, practice, practice and rehearsal after rehearsal to get it right. Congrats to all of them, including all behind the scenes, to put on a great show! Keep up the amazing work!  I look forward to seeing you again and inviting more of my friends who saw you tonight for the first time!!  :)


LaKewa - Southfield

The show was awesome. I appreciated the musicality of the show and the dancers' connection with the audience was apparent.


Corinne Bachman - Commerce Twp.

Loved it.


Gary Wozniak - Detroit

Dance Theatre of Harlem always amazes. Dancing to Bach was a first! I cannot wait until their return to Detroit.


JJCS - Belleville

Two thumbs up!!


MaryDSmith - Royal Oak

Dance Theatre of Harlem was a beautiful experience. It left me wanting more! I would definitely go again.


Pamela Richards - Waterford

The dance talent of the troupe is astounding. A captivating performance, top-notch in every way.


Corinne - Bingham Farms

It was another fabulous dance presentation at the Opera House. All 4 of the pieces were beautiful. All of the dancers were sensational. It was also a nice variety. I sure hope that they return to Detroit soon.


Tiffany - Detroit

This was an awesome show. I am never disappointed when I see them and I always wish for it to never end.


Antoinette M - Southfield

Awesome performance!! Every aspect of the show was attention getting. You have a different appreciation for the ballet when performed to non-traditional music. Bravo!!


dance patron - Royal Oak

I thought it was just ok.


Anestis Tsantis - Saline

Excellent show, consistent to the high quality events that we are used to from the Detroit Opera House.

We will definitely be back for more!


Katie Moriarty - Novi

Thank you for an amazing performance--we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves....and we will be doing some sit ups and an extra workout tomorrow after having the honor of seeing those amazing bodies!! What talent!!!


T. Allen - Lathrup Village

Excellent Performance!!  A perfect blend of classic, and modern.  Simply Lovely!


Mary McGuire - Ann Arbor

Beautiful, accomplished, fun!


Ruthea Gipson - West Bloomfield



Dr Forbes - Detroit

A night to remember! Excellent collaboration of music and dancing.


Anne Gray - Ypsilanti

I loved this performance. Most of the pieces were very engaging, and some of the costumes and lighting were stunning, very complimentary to the masterful, expressive, and athletic movement. 

My daughter and I both found the sound painfully loud though (we were in row M, directly in front of the lefthand speaker, though several rows back) -- in speaking with the sound mixer afterward, I found out that the ushers have earplugs on them and will generally be willing to re-seat you farther back if seats are available. So if you go to a performance and the music is too loud, ask the ushers for help.

Janet - Grosse Pointe Woods

Beautiful classical  ballet and music with just a bit of attitude thrown in which put me in the mode for the post intermission fun, funky (still ballet with the classic movement but attitude times ten!)  Loved it!!!!

How will the Joffrey hold up to Harlem excellence and fun? 

FYI - I complained of level of sound at Diavolo.  Today the  sound level was quite tolerable except when screeched high notes had us both putting our fingers in our ears.


kamera boggon - Oak Park

I have one word. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!


Rhoda Raider - W. Bloomfield

Beautifully done. Thoroughly enjoyed the selection. Dancers were fantastic.


Debra Sanders - Southfield

I absolutely loved their performance.  It was brilliant.


Ronda - Detroit

I thoroughly enjoyed this performance.  This was my first time seeing the Dance Theatre of Harlem and I thought it was an excellent show.  I really enjoyed how they ended the show with some of the "back to the roots" music and dancing.  

To pose one small critique, we were sitting on the main floor to the very far left (as you're viewing the stage) and there was a lot of dancing in this particular corner and none in the right corner.  So, I was not able to see some portions of the performance.  

Other than that small issue, it was a great performance!


Callan Krieg - Detroit

The Dance Theatre of Harlem was truly impressive. Their lines, the way they completed each movement from a lift to a simple move like lifting their arm, stretching through the elbow to wrist to fingertip. You could feel their joy in their movement. The company was together, concise, and extremely talented. I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time, a smile never leaving my face. The energy in the auditorium was amazing. The dance performed to no music was breathtaking and the dances performed to Aretha Franklin and James Brown were by far the most fun. Watching them made me wish I was on stage with them. :)  I can't wait to see them again!


Patricia Anderson - Belleville

This was my first time seeing the Dance Theatre of Harlem. It was an experience I will always remember. I was mesmerized. The dancers were strong, percise and danced as one body.  Loved it. Can't wait for the next visit.


Daryn Johnson - Farmington Hills

This show was wonderful! Candidly, my wife an I are ballet novices - this was my first ballet, and she rarely attends. I appreciated that the program outlined the emotion that each dance conveyed. It was very helpful in understanding the dancer's movements, and the overall theme of each dance  I was particularly moved by the 'When Love' piece. It was easy, even for a novice like me, to follow the beautifully passionate story through the choreography and dancer's expressions, and the spoken word during the music was an added bonus.  

The second half was delightful and fun, as the mixture of soul music, modern dance, and ballet intertwined perfectly. Overall, this show has sparked my family's interest in ballet, and performances at the Opera House in general. We are already planning to see an Opera, and at least two more ballets this summer. Thank you for bringing the Dance Theater of Harlem to Detroit!


JJR - Royal Oak

Euwww, how I hate to use the word "disappointing," but it best describes this performance! Starting with a BIG LOUD criticism of the crushing, deafening volume of the music. Not only a true hazard to one's hearing, but a culural assault on JS Bach! There oughta be a law! The dancing itself turned out to be amusing in spots but never inspiring. Sorry to be so negative, but that was the experience. I'll stick with other troupes.


Lisa - New Boston

The show was wonderful. As expected, the choreography was innovative and the dancing was superb.


Kendall Williams - Clarkston

The performance was excellent. The pre-performance presentation by the Dance Director was a great addition; quite educational and enlightening.


Mado Lie - Grosse Pointe Prk

Dancing was  gorgeous. Loved every piece on the program. Music was too too loud. I watched the whole performance with my ears covered.

Sandra Anderson - Westland

Awesome!!! What talent...everything from classical ballet to Motown...


Damon T. - St. Clair Shores

Excellent show! From the music to the various routines....BRAVO.  I loved the throwback soul tracks especially "Call Me" by Aretha Franklin.  Once again I was thoroughly satisfied with the performance.


Berne - Southfield

I really enjoyed the performance.  It left me wanting more.  The dancers were outstanding.


Diane Thompson - Canton

I appreciate the art of European Ballet Dancing.  However, the second set of the performance featuring music by James Brown and Aretha Franklin and urban dancing made the show worthwhile. I'm looking forward to more innovation, creative and soulful performances.


Carmen - Chicago

My daughter (an aspiring ballerina) and I traveled to Detroit from Chicago for the performance. My daughter sat on the edge of her seat the entire time! The Dance Theatre of Harlem is a wonderful combination of beauty, grace and strength with a touch of soul!


Dessa Stone - Lake Orion

Phenomenal. Breathtaking. I had to drag husband to his first dance performance. The performance converted him to a true aficionado.


Robert - Southfield

Much better than last year. There were some phenomenal performances and some incredibly fit dancers. My favorite was the part where everybody was dressed in white. Sorry I don't have my program so I don't know the actual title. It was a very beautiful piece. My girlfriend also liked the part during this act where most everybody was standing at the back of the stage and you could see the men's six pack abs moving as they were breathing hard.


Sharon - Commerce Township

At the first beat of music I was pulled into the dancers' hypnotic performance. It was the Olympics of dance. The dance group met my every expectation.


C Blessett - Detroit

This was the first time I have seen the DTH.  It was an activity on the list of "things I have always wanted to do," so I bought tickets on a whim. My seats were excellent (fifth row) and I was enchanted by the performance. It was most excellent and I enjoyed it to the fullest. Thank you so much for coming to Detroit and I look forward to seeing another performance when you return!


Jessica Herzfeld - Southgate

It was Great!!!!


Paulina - Kitchener, Ontario

I loved the selection of music and the talented dancers. It was a very expressive classical ballet, an unforgettable show. It was my first visit to the Detroit Opera and I was stunned by the the beauty of the building and the quality of the
programme. I cried of joy!


E. Batie - Ypsilanti

Loved it!


Sarah M - Canton

My husband and I loved this performance!  It was beautifully danced and the choreography and music were so varied and interesting that there was something for every mood and taste.  Wonderful ballet with fun, unexpected details.  I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys dance!





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